How to know rules of gymnastics and what the judge look for?

The gymnastic is a very famous game as we have all listened to it. It is an enthralling spectator sport and mostly visible at the time of summer Olympics. The game player is generally known as the gymnast or the athletes. A number of players suffered injuries because, in this game, a player has to show their physical skills. The gymnastics include high-intensity body movements and postures to show their flexibility. Women and man both can perform their physical strength in this game. It is not only game which provides medals but increases their countries prestigious. The gymnastics include different types of games which are judge by some rules. Rules of gymnastics are made by the organization which measures player’s efficiency.

Gymnastics includes some different forms such as-

  • Rhythmic gymnastics
  • Artistic gymnastics
  • Acrobatic gymnastics
  • Aerobic gymnastics
  • Trampoline

In artistic gymnastics, women and men compete in a distinct set of events. Women usually compete in four events, and they are namely balance beam, vault, uneven, and floor exercise. Men can take sex events such as a vault, horizontal bars, parallel bars, still rings, floor exercise and pommel horses. Each of the tasks requires different skill and body movement. These skills vary depending on the standard of the gymnast and the equipment. Artistic gymnastic is divided into 10 levels. It may be said it is the rules of gymnastics.

First three levels are referring to the developments levels, and 4 to 10th level are competitive. The main rule is that level 4 to 6 must be performed in competition. Level 7 to 10 are optional in the game which can be designed by the gymnast or their coach. When the player is at level 10, then it is considered elite and competes on the international stage.

What the judge looks?

The judges look some certain technical skills when the gymnast performs their skills. The set of tricks and stunts also counted. Some rules of gymnastics in which judges decides the winner are listed below-

Height and distance:

When executing the move, the gymnast covers certain height and distance. The player shows power, strength, and control of the apparatus; judges measure all the factors.


It includes proper postures, tight legs, flexibility, pointed toes and much more. 

Stuck landing:

After performing the best physical strength, gymnast usually jumps, rolls, and much more. Then he/she gets back to their previous positions. So less movement is better while landing.


In gymnastics, an individual or a group can participate in the event. The judges watch the individual or group creativity and point them. Every task they perform provides them some points. Judges always find better creativity by an individual or a group which is measured by rule of gymnastics.

A distinct part of gymnastic different body movements. The game is divided into 10 levels which have said above and also you have a choice in particular level. All level includes some points for performance. You need to know the rules of gymnastic that can make you aware to understand a game. The gymnastics also have the huge health benefits and sometimes small injuries while practicing. Give a follow on Fit2BMom’s Twitter.